Thursday, February 26, 2015

I got this

For starting the day off near freezing, it sure warmed up nicely. As I dropped off my truck at the neighborhood mechanic, I decided to walk home. Calling out to my mechanically minded friends, we determined the water pump wasn't working. Using the last of my paycheck, I bought a new pump and a belt. Might as well replace that while I was at it. Simply put, I didn't have the tools to access what needed to be done. Also since I've never done it before, it would take a bit longer for me to do it than all the hours in the day. The days aren't that long yet.
Exercise like that is good for a person. The street I took ran by the golf course and had a bike trail. One intersection also boasted a dead skunk, but we won't go into that. I was thinking about the bike trail. San Antonio isn't a bike-friendly place and I wish it were. One day I might get a three-wheeled trike so I can get out of the house more often. I miss biking and exercising for pleasure.
With the latest batch of mead underway, I can concentrate on things that I've put off for far too long, namely writing. I've tried to write something... anything at least once a day. Replacing the thermometer last week ripped me right out of that. Then things kicked into overdrive at work. People are panicking all over the place. We're getting a lot of stuff. Time for jack-of-all-trades man! Put things away? No problem. Set up a display? Can do. Construct a steel girder shelf designed to hold major appliances? Yep. 
Got home in time to cook for the girls. One had a church group meeting and the other said, 'I'm not hungry. What's it going to take guys? Perhaps I'm tired from jumping around like a crazy person. I need to slow down, but I don't see that happening for another week or two.
One thing my Clark Kent job is good for, I can do the tasks before me, but I can still think about future projects. 
Do I want to bottle the mead in something other than wine bottles? Bigger than a beer bottle, smaller than a 750 ml. wine bottle? 
Are there any advantages in a disabled person starting a business?
Is that abandoned office building a few blocks over zoned for commercial use?
These are pieces to a puzzle that need to be put together in the right order. Right now I'm at the stage of developing recipes and seeing what people like. I've got my eyes peeled for contests and tastings in the area. Later in the year, before summer kicks into high gear, I'm going to hold a tasting. I'll invite friends and people who can help get the word out. Perhaps getting an award or two wouldn't be a bad thing.
The main thing is this all takes time. Creating the mead takes the most time. Budweiser can produce it's beer in 28 days. I think that shows in the quality. Mead can take anywhere from six months to a year. With a few modern techniques I can bring a quality mead to the table in a few short months. Okay, four to six months. Let's not push that.
The reason I talk about my mead is that it's sitting right next to my desk. Without turning my head I can see the elderberry bubbling away and smell the orange.
"Dad, what's that smell?" my daughter said as she crinkled her nose.
"Would you rather it smell like beer or fruit?"
She walked away shaking her head. Life is not all pretty flowers and bunny foo-foo scents.

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