Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This morning before I left for my Clark Kent job, I noticed something. Danielle Corsetto wants to do a cross-country book signing for her web comic, Girls With Slingshots. In her comments section she wanted fans to give a shout-out for their city, in hopes she can come visit.
Of course I would love to have her come and be a guest at our con here in town. Right after I posted my plea to grace us with her presence, it was echoed by a few other San Antonians. In my shameless plug, I invited her to come meet our deaf gamers. Certainly I qualify for that, but what about others in the deaf community in the area?
My goal here is two fold. I would like the artist who created GWS to visit, but I also want to bring some gamers over to my house for regular sessions. And why not? Running a game in sign language would really be a challenge, am I up for it? Maybe.
So Danielle please come to San Antonio. It would mean so much to me and my friends. I plan on shamelessly plugging and begging. I will put you up at my house, I will cook for you. I will see that you are entertained while staying here in our city.

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