Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My youngest returned from spending the summer with her grandparents. Everyone had a great time and all my girls are under one roof. This means one thing: summer is basically over. My older two have been attending flag corps practice at the high school for a week now. It's worse for my sister. All of her children have moved out. My nephew is going to live in Alaska. One neice is moving to California while the other stays in town and goes to college.
Where did the summer go?
I suppose I could still sneak off and get some fishing done.
So here is one of my girls doing what they do best.
Steph with an ABC fish. Already been caught

Kayleigh modeling.
She is smarter than you and knows it.
Don't they look gorgeous? And in answer to your next question. I may not own a gun, but I am pro knife. There are a few swords around here too.

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