Monday, July 30, 2012

Whatcha building?

The saying goes: Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it.
There's a convention here in town where people come to play games. Board games, card games, role playing... you get the idea.
A couple of years ago they asked me to be a safety, which is PC for security. I'd be with a group of other guys who would monitor the behavior of these gaming geeks and keep them from getting out of hand. I mean, really, you know how those types can get. They throw down their Magic cards, the screaming starts how Felica Day is way hotter then Karen Gillian, and then the slapfest begins. I mean come on guys, like you would ever have a shot. I would put it at 98% chance that geeks such as that would lock up in terror if Day or Gillian got within ten feet of them. That, or they'd wet themselves... but I digress.
Somehow or another I decided that what Chimearacon needed was props. Statues (sculptures?) of things every card carrying geek would recognize. My first such attempt was a cardboard and PVC creation that fell apart about 20 minutes after the con ended. So much for my first attempt.
One of the things I've always prided myself on was my friends. There to celebrate your triumphs, always present to laugh at your fumbles. This time I put a call out for help, and boy did they come through.

Using rebar, paneling and glue, my friends and I created our own Battlemech.
With our own money and a bunch of blood and sweat, my friends and I brought this to life. Not bad for a shoe string budget and basing it off of a 15 mm. miniature.
Long story short, no buyers on E-bay. It's taking up a bunch of space in my garage. With no buyers in sight, I might just have to bring it to the 2013 con. Of course I'd want to tweak it by adding lights or sounds...
'But what is the Chimearacon build team going to do for next year?' people ask.
Wait, I'm in charge of the build team?
I have people coming to me volunteering for the next build. Painters, welders, engineering students, construction workers. To quote a hero of mine: Oh my!
I don't like ordering people around (too much). I want everyone to have a say, not just follow me blindly. Okay; I am a leader, but I'm a reluctant leader. I don't get off on the power trip. If someone came up to me and said;' I've got this great idea for a build.' I would be all; 'let's hear it.' There would be one rule from me: Not another mech. I don't have the space to store it and we did it last year. The Chimearacon build team is not a one trick show. Last time the build team got together, I threw some ideas out for everyone to think about. Nothing set in stone, but we have to pick what we're going to make, and pick it right quick.

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