Sunday, July 29, 2012

My friend owns a liquor store. That is not why he is my friend, although that would be a good reason. I wish to talk about something near and dear to my heart: Tequila.
Camarena silver is 100 % blue agave and just about the smoothest tequila I have had the pleasure of purchasing from Henry's liquor. Located next to a H.E.B. grocery store at the corner of Thousand Oaks and Perrin Beitel , Henry's liquor boasts a fine assortment of Whiskey and Scotches in addition to the Tequila I enjoy so much. For those of you who can not get to 12014 Perrin Beitel, I humbly suggest Henry's second location at 2220 South W.W. White road, both located in San Antonio, Texas.
One can experience the smokey wood as this spirit glides past your taste buds. A 1.75 liter bottle cost me a little over 31 dollars for the silver and I can't stress this enough: it is smooth and worth every penny, comparing favorably to more expensive Tequilas.

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