Saturday, November 14, 2015

The week off. Time to go to work

This is a situation that solves itself... Almost. I had to use my remaining vacation time before the end of the year. As it so happens, we are going to visit family the weekend before Thanksgiving. The conversation went something like this:
"So, who's going to be there?" I asked.
"My brother's family and some cousins," my wife replied. "I'm not sure who's all coming."
The number wasn't all that important. All I wanted to know was if I needed to make two or four pies. I can't do an odd number of pies.
"Just be sure to take the weekend before Thanksgiving off," she said.
What I heard was "Take the week before Thanksgiving off."
It still works out. We'll be seeing family and having a good time. I simply get a few days off before the whole shebang starts. We also may be driving back on the day I have to go back to work. We'll see. The time off will be put to good use. I've been putting off a trip downtown and getting Centaur Meadery up and running. I'm pretty much at the point where I have to drum up the money for this venture. I have a few people that I've been introduced to and I know a few organizations that could help. It's time to go pay these people a call. One thing I know for sure, I do not want family to invest in this business venture. Mixing money and family is typically a recipe for disaster. I don't want to risk what I value (family) over a what I consider the root of all evil, money. Granted, it's a necessary evil, but I don't want relations strained over this, no matter how good a deal I think it is. A lot of this relies on me. I'm doing the work, I'm the one man production team. Win or lose, it's on me.
So I got the days off I needed plus a few more. I'll put them to good use and I had the vacation hours to spend anyway. I was going to end my year with a few hours of vacation time left over, but this way I get to use them all. It works out very nearly by itself. Now if I can get this business started so I didn't have to go back to Lowe's...
This seems to have become a mantra with me: 'My job is getting in the way of my life.'
That said, I'm going to keep on plugging along. This road has to lead somewhere. This isn't an exact science and my method of production is changing in small ways as I refine what I'm doing. Perhaps that analogy doesn't work. 
I have a wide assortment of tools at my disposal to make a great mead. I never use all of them. Each situation is different. One mead is refusing to clear. Batches that were started after the pear mead are clearing nicely. This one is cloudy and stuck, for lack of a better term. There is a learning curve. At times it's pretty straight forward. Other times, pretty steep. Hey, this is what I signed on for. The batch that's clearing up is throwing off Sulfur dioxide. (Don't worry, it's supposed to do that.) It's a little disconcerting when the airlock pops off from pressure buildup, but I've installed a pressure release airlock. Sulfur dioxide goes bye-bye, no fresh air gets in. For a while I was worried about bacterial growth, but all that gas being released is a good sign. It means it's working. Bacteria needs oxygen to survive, and the bacteria isn't getting any. Oh, cry me a river! All that means is I'm going to have a kick ass pumpkin spice mead next year.
A forum that I frequent suggested I switch containers every time the sediment on the bottom reaches 1/4 of an inch. I understand the reasoning behind such a move and I still might do it, but we're not there yet. Patience, young Jedi. 

Speaking of which, the new Star Wars movie is set to come out in a few weeks. Friends of mine have already bought their tickets online. What am I the last hold out in the city? The state? Perhaps I should turn in my geek card. I'm going to lose all nerd credential the more I delay seeing it. I plan on taking the family sometime in the first week it's open. I'm actually discussing holding a movie marathon with my daughters. We'll see all six in order before we see the seventh installment in theaters.

Yesterday several suicide bombers attacked places and events in Paris. One hundred and twenty or thirty seven, are dead, depending on who you're watching. Thousands are injured. Reports are still coming in. My guess is we won't know an exact figure for a few days. I'll tell you one thing: I'm not getting my information from any American news desk. When I want facts without commentary, I go to the BBC for factual and truthful reporting. That says a lot in how bad it's gotten over here. I can't trust CNN, the New York Times and certainly not Fox.
With the BBC I get stories and world events that matter. I don't give a shit about Trump or the Kardashians. Who cares?
It only took a matter of hours before an ammosexual nutjob put his spin on it. 'That wouldn't of happened if there were a couple of concealed carry good guys with guns in that crowded theater.'

Ah, no.
Several things wrong with that line of thinking. First off: they were suicide bombers. The took pains to look like everybody else. They are not going to announce themselves. That good guy with a gun is going to have one warning: when the person next to him explodes in a blinding flash of C-4 and nitroglycerin, so no warning whatsoever.
Fort Hood is a military base full of soldiers. Both times! A shooting occurred in 2014 as well as the one in 2009.
Virginia tech has a police force with trained officers.
In fact, the shooting at Roseburg in the Umpqua Community college had a good guy with a gun. A person with a concealed carry license, and he didn't fire.
Why didn't he shoot? He didn't know where the shots came from. He knew the police were on their way and didn't want them to think he was the bad guy. Instead, he got the people he was with to safety. 
That is my definition of a responsible gun owner. Knowing when NOT to shoot your weapon.
I've already shared my opinion on gun control and responsible gun ownership. If a person dares to come into my house uninvited, breathing privileges will be revoked.
Norwegians use the word 'Texas' as slang to mean 'crazy'.  I'm just going to leave that there. I tried to work myself up to being insulted, but it's true. I'm a bit embarrassed actually. Every time I see some 40 year old virgin compensating for his small penis by carrying an SMG into a restaurant, I'm ashamed and embarrassed for all Texans. I expected better from Governor Abbott, he really let all Texans down.

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