Sunday, October 18, 2015

I can't complain but sometimes I still do

This week was hectic, but not pull out your hair insane. We're gearing up for Christmas. The way this works is that I'm doing double workloads from now until about, oh say, Black Friday. Two appliance trucks, double the regular truckloads. Three or four pallets of paint normally get delivered? Try eight on for size.
One more reason to get on with my life.
I try and not think of the amount of merchandise, that line of thinking paralyzes. Instead I break it down into things I can handle.
Some Jehovah's witnesses paid me a visit while I was busy scanning things in. Honestly, don't they have some one else to bother? I'm trying to work here. It was pretty awkward and uncomfortable. Whenever they whipped out their Jesus tablets, I changed the subject. I walked them to the door and they gave me a CD of an ASL bible. Just what I need, a coaster for my coffee mug.
My understanding is Jehovah's witnesses MUST go out and spread the word. Here's an observation: If you are trying to brainwash convert people, you are really trying to convince yourself. I've heard the arguments and I'm convinced it's a cult, not an actual religion. Your status in the church is dependent on how much money you donate. All this talk about Levels in the 'church'... It's one big airplane scheme! Don't worry, I hold the same disdain for those batshit insane Scientologists. (Started by a sci-fi writer no less!) Google Squirrel Busters if you want to see some crazy.
If you get some deeper meaning out of it, fine. Keep it to yourself. Wave it in my face and we are going to have a problem. My moral compass is fine and I don't need any version of a book written two thousand years ago to tell me right from wrong.

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